Jasper Van Looveren-Baines


Belgian, UK born designer currently living in London. Specialising
in editorial design, animation, web design - HTML5 & jQuery,
illustration and art direction. E-mail me for a full portfolio.


BA (Hons) Graphic Design, University of Cumbria
Foundation Art and Design, Leeds College of Art


August 2014 - Present, Junior Digital Designer, PMN Group
Art Directed & Organgised, BA (Hons) Degree Exhibition

Jaspervlb@gmail.com 07872169507

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Austin Psych Fest


Logo design for the Austin Psych Festival.

Naked Lunch


A redesign of the first chapter of
William Burroughs "Naked Lunch".



A redesign of the first chapter of
Hermann Hesses' "Steppenwolf".



Design for the annual poetry magazine,
"Words by the Water".

Totally Drunk Poster Competition


Entry for the Totally Drunk 4th Edition
Poster Competition.